USB audio interface - how to setup correctly?

Hi there,

i am trying to use my tascam dr40x as a sound card with patchbox os.

I installed the patchbox os ( [Beta] Patchbox OS image 2020-11-23) on my rpi4.

Connected the usb audio interface and chose the following settings in the jack config:

default soundcard - USB
samplerate - 48khz (this is also setup for the dr40x)
buffer size - 128
period - 2

The audio interface is connected and powered via the USB port of the rpi4.

When I test run in supercollider on the rpi4 I can hear something but very distorted.
Any hint?

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… or has anyone a working audio interface together with patchbox and rpi?

Could you share the model, your settings and how you power it?

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Try using 512 or 1024 buffer size for USB audio cards.

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