Upgraded Patchbox, getting system freezes

Hello, I recently (after a long pause from the raspi, almost a year) updated the patchbox os to the latest version, by overwriting the sd card that had the previous version, so sadly I can’t compare the new and the old version.

I’m getting frequent (from twice a day to a few minutes after booting) system freezes : the system becomes unresponsive, no sound, no button, all you can do is unplug the power. I’m running orac on the rt kernel, on the previous installation I never get any freeze (only with sooperlooper, but never with pd/orac).

I enabled the Storage=persistent in /etc/systemd/journald.conf as suggested but I don’t see any obvious culprit. Shall I try the non-rt kernel?


Could you try running top connected from a remote shell, you might see some high cpu usage processes that may be causing the trouble.

I recall a similar system freeze issue reported which seemed to be caused by a MIDI loop somewhere.

@Giedrius thanks for your reply…
This is the top window of a remote shell at the moment of a freeze, nothing seems to be strange…

Try seeing whether something gets printed in dmesg at the time it freezes.

Btw, searching for similar issues on the internet, it looks like the SD card may be at fault - its performance is degrading with time. There’s a speed test developed by the Raspberry Pi team, you may give it a go: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/sd-card-speed-test/

After the test, check the log to see the read and write speed numbers.