Update PD to latest version

Hi Forum,

I use Patchbox OS with Pisound and PD. I want to use the latest “else” externals. They require a more recent version of pd (0.51-3). I checked the Pisound config for updating pd, it gives me the latest version is 0.5.0-2. Can I update via terminal or am I running into problems with Patchbox?

thanks Falk

Hey, you may safely upgrade the PD version, it won’t break anything for Patchbox OS :slight_smile:

Btw, if the version you’re after is not available on apt-get, you may try downloading the debs from Debian buster-backports repository:

It can get a bit messy, you have to try things out a bit and install the debs in correct order. If you get it working, please keep some notes, so others may follow the steps too. :slight_smile:

Hi Giedrius,

Thanks for your reply, I might give it a try and see where I end up, not sure if I manage without apt-get :sweat_smile:

cheers Falk

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good to know!

this looks exciting by the way:

anyone tried these?