Unable to update/connect


Pulled my midihub from storage after a few years and am unable to connect to the device:

  1. I’m using the latest version of the editor (1.15.3).
  2. I don’t know what FW version is the midihub currently on
  3. Upon connection, the editor suggests that a FW upgrade is needed
  4. Firmware upgrade fails w/ “Failed upgrading preset format! Error code 14.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

take a look here at the same issue

@Giedrius gives a link about how to find your computer’s backup of your old presets in case they need restoring

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Flashing in bootloader mode was what I missed. Thank you – all sorted!


Now you can start discovering all the new goodies your upgraded Midihub has in store…

Welcome to MH forum btw

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