Unable to update latest firmware "Crash Error code 14"

Hi there,
I tried to update the midihub without success.
“Failed upgrading preset format!”
Error code : 14

I’ve seen another post with the same problem, but it was a very specific answer. What could I do ?
Thanks !

Hi, are you using 1.15.3 Editor now? If not, give it a try.

Do you remember which Midihub Editor and Firmware versions you used previously? (The firmware version should be mentioned in the update prompt)

Could you send me the last couple of .mhd automatic backups for inspection? See here for how to find the location where they are stored, depending on the OS.

Hi Giedrus, thanks for your time
Yes, I downloaded the latest version of the editor. Then it asked me instantly to perform the firmware update. I cannot even connect to the midihub. I tried to update the firmware but it crashs every time. Really weird

Midihub Editor.zip (59.5 KB)

Do an offline firmware upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Put Midihub in bootloader mode by turning it on while holding down the button. All LEDs will be on in this mode.
  2. Connect using 1.15.3 Editor.
  3. Do Device → Flash Firmware…
  4. Give it the .bfw Firmware file from the 1.15.3 release.
  5. Once done, reconnect to Midihub, it should already be running 1.15.0 Firmware with blank memory.
  6. Do Device → Import Everything… and give it the fixed up .mhd file I sent you via PM.

Afterwards it should work well again.

It works !
Thank you so much

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