Transform help needed

I am trying to transform cc#11 to be cc#1 both on channel 1. I am running into 2 problems. First problem is that whenever I attempt to monitor activity, the CC is controlling the scrolling on my Mac. That is, the last option bar that I selected. Problem 2 I can’t seem to select the correct options in Transform for this to work. Please help someone

Hey, @Benjaminam,
Sounds strange
Trying to picture what your problem is:
does “option bar” mean some property field in the Properties window
or that the Monitor pane… scrolling like this when you select a pipe?

(from New to Midihub: Step-by-Step.03: Monitoring incoming messages)

Problem 2 I can’t seem to select the correct options in Transform for this to work

your Transform:
Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 14.39.06

In the Screenshot, take a look at:

  • Work with Any Channel and Work with Channel
    “only work with channel 1”

  • Work with CC Number in Range Low|High
    “only work with CC11-CC11”

  • Set CC Number to and Argument 1
    “set CC# → 1”

maybe check out…
Transform Tutorial and Cookbook Development Topic
…still under development so can’t guarantee it makes sense but you might find sthg useful there.

welcome to Midihub, btw!

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Hey, thank you so much for the reply! This totally fix my problem and also informed me what was going wrong with my other problem. I misunderstood what the mapping functions were in the software. It’s funny in retrospect I thought I was setting the destinations and source for my CC. it turns out that I was mapping the functions in midi hub. Anyhow, thanks again.

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Aah, I get your scrolling thing now!

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