Toggle betweent two snapshots

Hi there. I am using the modep software on my raspberry pi 3b + pisound. Everything works as it should .

I am just wondering if there is a possibility to toggle between two snapshots: pushing footswitch on my midi controler switches to snapshot one. pushing the same footswitch switches to snapshot two and back again. just as if i were using an a/b pedal.

Thanks in advance!

Check out this thread, I think there is a specific control change that has to be passed:

Thank you man.
I forgot to say, that I am already switching the snapshots via program change commands. I was just wondering if there is a possibility to toggle between two snapshots only by giving the same midi command. Kind of similar to toggling an effect on and off…?

Okay, I see.

Without some custom code the only way I can see that working is to just have 2 snapshots on the pedalboard.

well ok. but even if I only have two snapshots I still need two different program change commands to switch between them or is there a way to just jump to the next one by sending a specific command?


I think if you have just two snapshots the cc will toggle between the two.

Search for profile5.json in /var/modep/ than set the Snapshot midi channel you want to use for that change … say you chosed the channel 16 … so if you send CC 01 on channel 16 you select the snapshot 01, if you send CC 02 on ch16 you select the snapshot 02
There is no “toggle” function … you have to send CC code equal to the snapshot you saved on the specific channel you set in profile5.json. The default channel is 0 … that means that this function is disabled.

Be advised that you can also set the pedalboard channel selection … you can alternate between pedalboards but for this function to work you need to have web graphic interface closed. Consider also that switching pedalboards is slower than switching snapshots so it could lead to some sync problem while playing live.

thanks for your reply!
That’s what I found out either. But I guess you mixed CC with PC messages. I’m not totally sure but I believe that switching snapshots only works with PC messages.

Meanhile I built my own midi controller based on a teensy microcontroller. I was also able to toggle between snapshots. I will make an extra thread where I will show it because I guess it is a great way to use the pisound plus modep as a budget pedalboard to go. Using Aida-x or neural amp modeler brings this thing to a complete new level because you are able to carry your own amp sound in your pocket! :slight_smile:

Yes Ed … you are right !! PC is the right command to send.