Sync error 106 on Mac OS - lost preset

I was working on a preset (which thankfully I’d saved locally) and when I was adding a new module to it I got a ‘Lost connection to Midihub sync error 106’. The preset was erased on the Midihub! Hadn’t seen this before - does this error mean anything? Running FW 1.11.4


Hey, there’s another report of the same error, but caused by a different action: Midihub Editor (1.11.1) looses connection after deleting Pipes (Error 106)

Your case may have been different though. If you find a consistent way to reproduce, let us know. Otherwise, it could be a long and uncertain process to get it fully reproduced. :slight_smile: We will add some internal action log that you’d be able to share in cases like these, so we can try and reproduce the issue by playing them back on our devices when such unusual cases happen.

Interesting - I think I was also deleting a pipe when this happened, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ll try to reproduce.

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This should be fixed in [Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.4 & Firmware 1.11.6.