Sustain Behavior


Finally got around to trying out my Midihub, and it’s very fun and useful :grinning:

One thing I want it to do is add a sustain pedal to a synth that doesn’t support it. Which was really easy to set up, but there’s two things I’d love if it did differently. The reason is that I’m expecting the Midihub sustain to work like a sustain pedal on a piano, and it’s irritating when it doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. It should not turn off notes that are currently held when sustain is released. I think someone else already suggested this, but this really confused me at first. I’m often hitting new notes slightly before releasing sustain so that there’s no gaps in the sound. Usually that works great, but Midihub just turns the new chord off then :sweat_smile:
  2. I’d love it if I could retrigger held notes by pressing them again. So if I press a note that’s sustained, I’d want Midihub to send a Note Off and immediately send a new Note On. This would retrigger the synth’s attack, and make playing runs and arpeggios much nicer.

Those two things would help a lot in making the Midihub sustain feel more like a sustain pedal. I think other keyboard players would appreciate that too :slight_smile:

Hey, good suggestions. This topic is related as well: Sustain pipe not working as expected

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