SPP weirdness, stops instead of pausing

I’ve been trying to get SPP to work between my Tascam Model 12 mixer and my Synthstrom Deluge. The problem is, that when I press pause and then continue on the Model 12, the Deluge restarts from the beginning, and loses it’s sync.
After some debugging, it seems like the culprit is the Midihub - I’ve analyzed the differences between the MIDI-output directly from the Model 12 (which works as expected) and via Midihub: An extra command is sent from the Midihub: SPP 00 00, which I guess means that it sends a stop / rewind signal instead of pausing it.

Hey, this sounds related to: A flaw with Song Position Pointer messages?, try upgrading to this beta build:

[Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.8 & Firmware 1.11.10

It worked! You guys truly are amazing, thank you for your great work and support :heart:

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