Running Mod software on Raspberry Pi 4

I wrote up a little how-to on getting the Mod software running on Raspberry Pi 4:

Using the Mod Devices guitar effects interface on Raspberry Pi 4

Actually, this isn’t really specific to Pi 4, but if you have a Pi 3 you can just use the MODEP image.


Nice, thanks.

What audio interface do you use?

I’m using a Boss GT-1 guitar multi-fx floorboard. Getting it to work in Linux was a a bit of an adventure, but it is working great now.

You can also copy the entire lv2 plugins folder from a modduo device and use it directly in modep. Work fine for me

That is interesting. It would be really useful to have a full repository of compiled lv2 plugins with modgui skins available somewhere.

That’s exactly what I’m working on right now :slight_smile: - updating all the plugin suites, integrating modguis from mod-lv2-data if the main source repository misses them and creating build scripts to create debian packages.


Hi Giedrius,

Very good! I’m looking forward to your updates for MODEP !!


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Awesome! Having packages would be great.

Hey, it’s done, check it out here:

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