Running Mod software on Raspberry Pi 4

I wrote up a little how-to on getting the Mod software running on Raspberry Pi 4:

Using the Mod Devices guitar effects interface on Raspberry Pi 4

Actually, this isn’t really specific to Pi 4, but if you have a Pi 3 you can just use the MODEP image.


Nice, thanks.

What audio interface do you use?

I’m using a Boss GT-1 guitar multi-fx floorboard. Getting it to work in Linux was a a bit of an adventure, but it is working great now.

You can also copy the entire lv2 plugins folder from a modduo device and use it directly in modep. Work fine for me

That is interesting. It would be really useful to have a full repository of compiled lv2 plugins with modgui skins available somewhere.

That’s exactly what I’m working on right now :slight_smile: - updating all the plugin suites, integrating modguis from mod-lv2-data if the main source repository misses them and creating build scripts to create debian packages.


Hi Giedrius,

Very good! I’m looking forward to your updates for MODEP !!


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Awesome! Having packages would be great.

Hey, it’s done, check it out here:

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sorry to necro such an old thread, but how did you set it up to autostart on each boot? Super keen to mess with the official repo…

Use Patchbox OS, activate the MODEP module, it will autostart by default then.

this was more specifically for autostarting when cloning from official mod repo. have it running according to their github page, but can’t seem to get it to run as a services. modep is working fine btw. just wanting to experiment with official repos

See for how the modep-mod-ui deb package gets built. It uses systemd .service for starting at boot. The same repo contains modep-mod-host deb building too.

Of course before getting it to auto start, you should first make sure you know how to manually start the software :slight_smile: