RNBO on Patchbox OS

Here’s a quick guide on how to setup RNBO runner on Patchbox OS. There is some compatibility improvements that could be made, we might see that done at some point in the future.

  1. Set up Cycling 74’s APT server by running the following commands (make sure to copy the entire length):

    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cycling74/rnbo.oscquery.runner/main/config/apt-cycling74-pubkey.asc | gpg --dearmor | sudo dd status=none of=/usr/share/keyrings/apt-cycling74-pubkey.gpg
    echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/apt-cycling74-pubkey.gpg] https://c74-apt.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com bullseye main extra" | sudo dd status=none of=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/cycling74.list
  2. Install rnbooscquery and rnbo-runner-panel:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install -y rnbooscquery rnbo-runner-panel
  3. Fix up pi user in RNBO’s .service file by overriding .service config:

    sudo cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/rnbooscquery.service /etc/systemd/system/
    # Change User=pi to User=patch and hit ctrl+x, then y to save.
    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/rnbooscquery.service
    # Reload the config and restart the service.
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl restart rnbooscquery
  4. Disable Patchbox’s Jack service, as it would conflict with RNBO runner. (in the future RNBO should be made to connect to the shared preconfigured server if available, otherwise start its own)

    sudo systemctl disable --now jack
    # Do enable instead of disable to get it back

Now the system should be discoverable among the Export Targets in Max, if connected to very same network.

You’ll have to configure the audio regardless of settings you already had in patchbox config utility.

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After the setup Giedrius described above, I successfully exportet the RNBO example patch - feedback synth - on the RPI.
But I cannot hear anything via triggering with a MIDI keyboard (for the notein in the RNBO feedback-synth patch), maybe I loose the MIDI connection by disabling jack?
MIDI is working with jack enabled with the pianoteq btw.
Or is somebody more successfull?
Anyway great step forward!

It just worked for me in my case (the tricky part for me was to get the device to be discovered in the first place, I’m not sure what procedure they use for discovery, but maybe my router was preventing some types of packets (multicast?) between WiFi and LAN, so I had to hook the devices together by network cable directly)

You may check the output of the service to see if there’s any issues:

journalctl -u rnbooscquery

optionally add ‘-f’ to follow the latest output (it may lag behind by a couple of seconds or more though, as it’s heavily buffered) Otherwise, hit ‘end’ key to go to the latest lines, ‘q’ to quit.

I succesfully got the RNBO-feedback-synth working with the PiSound wit MIDI and USB-MIDI. Great! Don´t know what the problem was before. Maybe the poti with the volume was not open enough.
Regarding the rnboscquery: I got it to work, when I do the following procedure: Start Max with the RNBO-external and then reboot Rasp…voila in the target the “ptachbox”-device appears.
BTW the command journalctl -u - f rnbooscquery" gave me an error.
Anyway really glad that it worked, thanks for your effort, Giedrius.

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Should be journalctl -u rnbooscquery -f - the -u requires the unit name as the very next thing. :wink:

Some more question:

  • Regarding my post above, running the RNBO feedback-synth, the web-interface for adjusting the parameter are not showing up
  • how can I “stop” the RNBO patch ?

Turns out one more package has to be installed:

sudo apt install -y rnbo-runner-panel

# For good meassure, restart rnbooscquery.service:
sudo systemctl restart rnbooscquery.service

Now you should be able to access http://<your_rpi_ip>:3000 for the web interface.

I don’t know this, better to ask in C74 community, but if you stop rnbooscquery.service, the audio stops. :slight_smile:

Installed the mentioned package and voila, I can adjust the parameters via the webbroswer Chrome. Great !