RNBO on pisound

Has anyone started using rnbo with pisound yet? I saw the cycling74 vid RNBO Revealed but it doesn’t show much. Is it patchboxOS? Is it a raspberry pi OS? How does it work? Just looking to get some info from people with real experience using it. I understand most of the general info but I haven’t seen any in-depth vids using a pisound with RNBO so I thought I’d try asking here.


The Pi is running their OS image, check this out: Raspberry Pi Setup | Cycling '74, it should be enough to select Pisound as the audio device, and use the latest version of Max with RNBO package on your PC/laptop.


Ive been playing with it a bit… as Giedrius says, you just install their image, configure wifi- select audio pisound audio interface and off you go…

the cycling74 docs are pretty good and have a section on setup.

looks like you could also build the required software on your own distro
(seems to support Mac and Linux)

as far as I can tell this covers everything from building to running.
… probably going to be a little fiddly to setup, but info seems reasonably complete.


Got started with the RNBO intro template. You’re right, well documented. So far only got a few polyphony synths going but it’s a great start. Thanks for the input from both of you.


Is there any chance to export RNBO-patches to PatchBoxOS?
Witch the PatchboxOS the user is “patch”, but RNBO needs “pi” to autodetect the Rasp in the max-export-window.

I like the PatchboxOS lot more then the cyc74-distro, instantly it works a lot better for me. I am a begiiner of this field…
Is renaming the user “patch” to “pi” a solution? or has cyc74 to adjust there "behaviour?
A saw in the folder there is already a “pi” user installed, but RNBO did not recognise it.

Check this out: RNBO on Patchbox OS

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Thanks Giedrius, much appreciated!
Will try it and see, how far I can get.
BTW I posted the same question in the cyc74 Forum.

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I would rather use the image from cycling74, but I would like to add the function to shutdown the rasp with “the button”

im pretty much a beginner, any help would be appreciated

I can connect to my raspberry pi via ssh and upload RNBO patches via Max, choose the pisound audio interface. all that is easy

but how do I get the right pisound script on my rasp?

You an get the Pisound’s button functionality to work by installing the Pisound software:

curl https://blokas.io/pisound/install.sh | sh

thanks! that was too easy. I didn’t realise I could install the Pisound software without getting the whole OS :expressionless:

unfortunately, I get:

/usr/bin/pisound-config: 2: exec: /usr/local/pisound/pisound-config/main.py: not found

when I want to start the pisound-config

I get quite a lot of:

fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

when I try to install the Pisound software

What output do you get if you do:

cd /usr/local/pisound
git status

thanks and sorry for the superlate reply. I wish I had more time for this…

I started from scratch and had no problems installing the pisound software

unfortunately, it doesn’t shutdown, when I press the button for 5 seconds. it’s blinking, though.

seems like the pisound-btn daemon process is not running

hmm, now it works

I used:
sudo journalctl -f -u pisound-btn

and got a shutdown report besides other info