[Release] MODEP Updates

I’m not having any luck with this either. Have you tried:

cd /var/modep/
sudo nano profile5.json

and changing these lines from 0 to 16? I read to do this elsewhere on this forum but it hasn’t worked for me. All other methods seem to be outdated.

    "midiChannelForPedalboardsNavigation": 16,
    "midiChannelForSnapshotsNavigation": 16,

Would love to see a solution to this!

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Really nice, thanks a lot !

if i remember correctly the range starts from 0 and there are only 16 midi channels, so if you want to use midi channel 16 you should put 15 in the json. I was able to use use program change messages to switch between snapshots, but not pedal boards. I cant select banks, cos I’m using just a headless rpi4 with only the webinterface, so i believe its because of that.


Regarding midi, you have to select a different channel for Pedalboards and Snapshots navigation. Like this:

"midiChannelForPedalboardsNavigation": 15,
"midiChannelForSnapshotsNavigation": 16,

Snapshots navigation always seems to work, but Pedalboards navigation does not work when the UI is displayed on the localhost (the Pi) or on a remote device. Even after closing the UI Pedalboards switching with midi doesn’t work anymore and a restart of the mod-ui is needed to get it in working order again.

Don’t know if it is a bug or designated behaviour. Really love the Pisound with modep, amazing sound quality.

I saw this bit deliberately coded, it looks like it’s on purpose like that. Program Changes are supposed to work only when not connected via web-ui.

Thnx, okay, any idea what the thoughts behind this are? Switching snapshots with midi work fine when a web-ui is connected. That too is done by a PC-message. Or is that the glitch? Also switching pedals with the button on the Pisound also works when a web-UI is connected.

I read Giedrius’s comment few days ago and thought for a while.

I guess intended usage of the virtual pedalboard with web-ui is following the way we use our actual pedalboards, not the way we use multieffector floor boards.

Navigating between setups with different signal chain order/different effector combination… make senses when we use multieffector floorboards but impossible with real stomps on a pedalboard.

So is my guess that why MOD in webUI allows and supports midi control of only the snapshot navigation by default.

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You are probably right. But I still don’t understand why such a feature is more or less blocked. What harm can it do to switch the pedalboard by midi when the UI is active. It is possible to switch pedalboards (not only snapshots) using the Pisound buttons, why not through midi? The point is, Modep is a multi effect processor. With real stomps on a pedalboard, I only would have one pedalboard, not multiple. So in that case, what is the use of multiple pedalboards.



I tried to understand philosophy for the initial design but in user’s perspective, Unable to use midi control with web UI doesn’t make sense at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we can make some software interface translating MIDI message into MODEP’s web API for bank and pedalboards control. the code is relatively straightforward and blokas team’s modep-btn-scripts is a great source to refer.

Agree, that is something that I was thinking about too. The scripts are already there for the most part. My knowledge of Linux is not big enough to contribute to this. I also still would like to use midi to control the effects (switching virtual stomp boxes on/off, volume control). The easiest way would be that someone just flips a switch to make pedalboard switching through midi work when the UI is (or has been) active.

I’d like to chime in here on this conversation. I use MODEP in a live environment along with a custom midi controller that I use to turn on/off plugins and tweak parameters. I honestly don’t use snapshots myself as it would be hard for me to remember, for each snapshot, what was on/off. Yeah, you could name them something meaningful but it would still be challenging for me personally.

I choose to use midi to control a couple of plugins on my pedalboard and that to me is more in line with using a physical pedalboard. Of course I’m a bass player so my pedalboards tend to be simpler.

All this to say that your best option might be to use a midi controller and assign/label the controls to specific plugins or parameters. You can buy one (there are multiple out there that would work) or build your own like myself and several others have done.

Just my $.02

I am using a FCB1010 midi floorboard with an Uno chip, so I am down that road too. Switching with the FCB1010 works flawless. In headless mode I can also switch boards, so a live setup will also work fine in my case. It just would be great to use the UI together with a midi device while experimenting with effects and boards.

@mischa Cool! Then we’re on the same page. Keep in mind that you can send CC messages (turning pedals on/off, changing pedal parameters, etc) while the GUI is open. My custom MIDI controller doesn’t yet have the option to switch pedalboards or snapshots. I thought about adding that ability but time just hasn’t lent itself to that task.

MIDI Command Server could be used for executing modep-ctl scripts, triggered by MIDI messages.

I suspect the MOD team may have had some issues with preventing some corner case race conditions or something while using Web UI and MIDI Program Changes at the same time. What we did is a little workaround for that - changing the pedalboard in scripts via API and forcing the whole UI to refresh, which seems to work good enough.