Pure data update went wrong

I did the update with these instructions: Install up to date PureData?

Did not get any errors but have no idea how to open and where to find it…

patch@patchbox:~ $ ps -ef | grep puredata
patch 2567 763 0 Jan14 ? 00:00:03 wish /usr/lib/puredata/tcl/pd-gui.tcl –
patch 11598 11575 0 01:09 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto puredata

What version did you end up installing? It looks like 0.54.1 as shown in the post is already available on regular APT servers and no manual update steps are necessary.

ok, thx for your answer, I´ve installed 0.51.4 but it tells me: Cannot connect to jack server - no such file or directory

is this because of non realtime kernel on my rpi zero?

What is the output of systemctl status jack?

Pi Zero is not the one best suited for audio applications though, it may have latency or stuttering issues, especially once effects are becoming more complex.