Program Change patches

This topic is just to show explanatory diagrams for two patches on patchstorage

If you’re a regular reader you’ll have already seen them here and here.

Both use loopback techniques, so if this is being read after the next major firmware update, hopefully they are both redundant!

EDIT: If you have a 8 (or fewer) states and want to cycle through them up and down, you might want to try adapting the patch here first (it needs no loopback)
There’s also a simpler patch further up the thread that can handle up to 16 states uni-directionally.


Patch 1: Converting Program Changes to an ‘incrementer’ CC

Input is Program Change Number
Output is one of two values representing Program-Up and Program-Down



Patch 2: Converting CC switch to increment Program Change

Input is On-Value from an Up switch and a Down switch
Output is Next/Previous Program Change Number



Patch 2 now updated for Virtual mappings.

Loopback no longer needed.

This has made the preset simpler. Let me know if it needs any explanation.

I needed to introduce a tiny note Delay to get this to work.

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