Problem with. moog

I have a slim phatty, and it seems when I route midi through midihub to the moog, it gets a stuck gate on - so after a few notes of playing, a note will get stuck on, and I have to do all notes off at the moog to get rid of the sustained note. Has anyone else seen this issue? I actually sent it to moog for repairs, but they found no issues, so I replaced my midi cables, and still the problem.

Which version of midihub are you running? There was a bug related to this that was fixed in the beta fw.
Check my thread here and see if this is similar to what you are experiencing: Bug, midihub discarding note offs

It’d be great if you could look into this issue a bit deeper, like try and come up with the easiest and quickest way to get a stuck note, and also inspect the MIDI monitor information, when the output pipe is selected that goes to Moog. For the note which is stuck, check if the count of Note On and Note Off messages match.

You could also send whatever is being played to the Moog to your PC and record the MIDI playback, so it can be inspected as well.