Bug, midihub discarding note offs

After debugging a problem I’ve encountered in my setup I finally narrowed it down to midihub eating note offs for me in certain situations when notes are overlapping.

In this case I am sending notes that are stacked on top of each other in Cubase, and Midihub discards all note offs but one no matter how many note ons there are. I know Studio 1 can also send multiple overlapping notes like this, and it causes one of my synths to get hanging midi notes when I do this, either on purpose or by accident. I’d very much like these note offs to remain to prevent this problem for me:


I got the same issue on my setup where I also get stuck notes if overlapping notes occurs (like playing along to a midi playback). Midihub silently dropping NoteOff after logging them in Midi Monitor wasn’t obvious as I did my troubleshooting. I’m thankful for Shor discovering this!

Behaviour can be observed by routing USB A → Virtual A → Midi A:

USB A to Virtual A:

Virtual A to MIDI A:


Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this.