Priority or hierarchy of ports and pipelines?

Hi there,

I’m a brand new Midihub user, still reading the manual. So please forgive me that I might not have used the correct terminology using the search.

My first question:
Is there a sort of hierarchy of pipelines using real ports in comparison to ones using virtual ports?

or in other words: Do pipelines using real ports overrule that with corresponding virtual ports?

a) From MIDI A, Vel Amp, to MIDI A
b) From Virtual MIDI A, Vel Amp, to Virtual MIDI A

So if I set a) velocity to 127 and b) velocity to zero then what happens?

Hi @MIDIworks (& welcome to Midihub!)

Have you tried it for yourself and watched the MIDI Monitor?
(stepping through this tutorial will help you use the Monitor )

If your Midihub hasn’t arrived yet, you can make a head-start by downloading the Editor and starting to create a patch to test later (or post it up and ask someone here to)

On your question, here’s maybe your answer (not possible to do VirtualA → VirtualA & it needs to be fed an external message from some other pipeline to do anything)

Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 17.40.00
Here the same event is received at two slightly different FROM C pipelines

  • one also changes its channel → 16 (just to distinguish)
  • both are fed to VirtualA OUT
  • and are read at the Monitor at VirtualA IN

No overriding, just two events.

PS. in practice you’d avoid this sort of duplication, but you might have filters so that one line would handle some notes and the other the rest. The New to Midihub series has quite a lot on this too.

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THX a lot for this comprehensive reply!

Hopefully I’ll have some time to study and test it this weekend.

No overriding, just two events.

That’s the key bit!

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