Possible to cycle through more than 8 presets with the button?

Hi there,

Just recently got a pisound and I’m really impressed with it so far.

Looking forward to getting more into Pure Data, but currently really enjoying MODEP.

I’m looking to work it into my live set, using the button presses to select patches is very elegant, but 8 isn’t quite enough for the length of the set.

Is it possible to add additional presses/presets?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest another way of extending this functionality?

I’ll mainly be using it as an effects processor, but will possibly also be playing some sound fonts I’ve made of gear I can’t use live.

Any suggestions welcome.


From now on it’s possible to change the pedalboard via Pisound Mobile App (newest MODEP version required - [Beta] MODEP 2018-08-31) Take a look here: https://blokas.io/modep/docs/MODEP-and-Pisound/#pisound-mobile-app

Hi Pranciskus,

Thanks, I’ll give the beta a go. Are there more plugins included?

Regarding the app, unfortunately I don’t have an android device at this time, and ideally I wouldn’t want to be relying on my phone to change patches mid set.

Part of the reason I like the idea of using the pisound live is for simplicity. Running it headless and not having to rely on any other devices is part of that simplicity.

Is there any reason the button can’t be pressed, say 10 times,instead of 8?


IIRC there isn’t a limitation on the number of clicks per se, but you might start missing presses or similar. Search for a thread I started on the subject some months ago.

Hi, the pisound-btn daemon had a maximum limit hardcoded to 8.

We have just released 1.06 version of pisound-btn which allows changing or removing this limit. We’ll integrate unlimited clicks into the next MODEP image by default, but for now, you can do this on your image:

git clone https://github.com/BlokasLabs/pisound
cd pisound/pisound-btn
make pisound-btn
sudo cp pisound-btn /usr/bin/pisound-btn

Then edit /etc/pisound.conf (sudo nano /etc/pisound.conf) and add this line at the end:


And restart the system using sudo reboot

The steps are provided in this manual fashion on purpose, to avoid /etc/pisound.conf overwritten by pisound-btn upgrade or make install, and as mentioned, this will be in by default in the next MODEP beta image which should get built soon.

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Even though the number of clicks can be unlimited I think we are going to hit a user experience issue with that. I think the next logical conclusion for us is to attach one of those small LCDs that tell us a bit more info about what pedalboard is currently loaded and a way to see what our input button is doing. For example if we press the button two times, we could be entered into a selection mode where we could see it on the LCD and then each successive press would choose a different board, the time in between wouldn’t matter, then when we are ready to finalize the selection we could do two quick presses to execute it.

That is just one possible UX with an external LCD but that is my vision for now and I think it will unlock quick a bit of awesomeness for the Pisound!