Pisound Turns Two


Today is not only the international #piday, but also exactly two years ago Pisound was born! We are celebrating the occasion with a Birthday Sale ! Furthermore, we have just launched the Patchbox OS beta image! And last but not least, Pisound now has experimental TinkerBoard S support!

Pisound’s Birthday Sale

For those who are yet to start their own Pisound-based project or want to expand their Pisound arsenal, ‘PISOUNDTURNSTWO’ phrase is one to remember. With it you will get a 10% discount in our store and free worldwide shipping! The discount code will be active till the end of this week.

Visit Our Store

Patchbox OS for Raspberry Pi

For existing Pisound owners and Raspberry Pi owners in general we have something sweet - Patchbox OS!

Patchbox OS is a custom Linux distribution specially designed for Raspberry Pi based audio projects. It comes pre-configured for low latency audio performance and pre-installed audio software that will help you get started with your projects in no time!

Download Patchbox OS

Keep in mind it’s a Public Beta, it may still have some rough edges, so don’t forget to join a dedicated forum to share your experience and help us shape the OS development!

Pisound & TinkerBoard S

From now on you can use Pisound with your TinkerBoard S single board computer! Visit our community forum for detailed setup instructions.

TinkerBoard S Instructions

Happy #piday and as always, if you have any questions or ideas, drop us a line via hello@blokas.io!

Coupon Code through end of this week or last?

Hi, would it be possible to extend this code to end of this week? Just got enough cash and ready to order!


@ElijahLynn thanks for your interest in Pisound!

Sadly, the discount period was decided on in advance and won’t be extended. :slight_smile:

Hope you will still consider including Pisound into your setup. :blush:


Okay, thanks, was worth asking! Yes, still planning on getting a Pisound.