piSound & pi = USB soundcard?

First of all thanks for your work. It is so exciting to be able to use the raspberry as a daw with piSound or a multi FX with Modep !

I was wondering if it could be possible to use a piSound and a raspberry as an USB compliant sound card… If not is it something you could consider ?
I would dream of a Modep powered soundcard that I could use with my linux laptop…

Thanx for reading !

Hi, only the Pi Zero (W) has USB OTG support, but they also are the slowest of the Pi’s. The rest of the models use the micro USB connector only for power supply, so that means this can’t be done.

There are pin compatible Raspberry Pi alternatives with USB OTG, but we don’t yet support them officially, however, anyone is free to adapt the Pisound’s kernel module to work with an alternative board. :slight_smile: After that, there’s probably already software available which acts as a USB sound card via USB OTG, the remaining bit would be to make that software use Pisound for input / output.

Thanks for your reply ! I think I’ll wait for an official support for ‘pin compatible pi alternatives with USB OTG’ instead of adapting Pisound’s kernel :grin: I even don’t really know what is USB OTG so …

@Giedrius would that mean that OTG and PiSound would work as USB audio interface with RPi Compute Module?

So these:

  1. https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/compute-module-io-board-v3/
  1. https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/compute-module-3/

If yes, that would be really great and would solve my problem!!!

CM3 should make this possible, however it could be a bit difficult, citing the CM3 datasheet:

Note that the port is capable of being used as a true OTG port however there is no official documentation.
Some users have had success making this work.

Crosslinking duplicate discussion on this >

Thanks so much for this, I was just searching all over for “Jack Audio Connection to USB Out” and had no luck so came here specifically to search these forums and I got my answer.

I wonder why the Pi doesn’t support OTG and only the lower end RP Zero supports OTG.

This would be a killer feature, IMO. As there are so many external USB soundcards and if PiSound had this it could be the first fully open external USB soundcard, that I am aware of.