Use PiSound with RaspPi as USB Sound card?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a PiSound and RaspPi as a 2in/2out USB Sound card connected to a computer?

Hi, USB OTG support is necessary for that, only the RPi Zero has it. ASUS Tinker Board S should be usable as a USB audio card, but I haven’t looked into what effort that would take.

Crosslinking duplicate discussion on this > piSound & pi = USB soundcard?

I was looking for something similar.

I’m currently testing scream. It’s a virtual device driver, which sends raw pcm data over network. Unfortunately it is currently limited to windows and doesn’t seem to support asio. So far it seems to work well, with around 10ms additional delay

Another solution might be NetJack

I’ve also stumbled over AES67 receivers for unix, but haven’t found any non-commercial virtual device drivers for windows.

It seems best to dedicate one network interface exclusively to audio and on the windows side disable all extensions for the given network interface.