Pisound board dimensions - pcb board art


Wondering would it be possible to get a svg/pdf render of the pisound pcb board art to make up a drilling guide to drill a hammond enclosure?

I can make a PDF of the relevant dimensions and share here…

If anyone is interested, the hammond 1590BBS is the best fit for an rpi+ pisound that i have found.


Hey, we will be able to provide the information you need next week :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you :slight_smile:

Here you go!

Hole D.:
Jack: 11.4mm
MIDI: 16mm
Pot: 7.3mm

pisound-cwx.DXF (857.2 KB)

If you need enything else, let me know. :wink:

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woot! thanks. now to drill the enclosure.

@oootini any project updates? interested to see that enclosure! :blush:

I’m kind of half way there. Unfortunately, the pisound won’t fit into the drilled enclosure as I thought. I had to cut the 1/4” drilled holes to fit the board into the box. Not ideal. The drill guide I made works fine otherwise, and I was able to mount the pisound easily. I need to pick up a larger drill bit to drill usb and midi holes yet.

Also WiFi doesn’t work right now. I think once I drill the midi/usb holes I should get signal. Hopefully.

I will post a full message with details and drilling pdf when I complete it. Busy with other things right now, but should get to this in the next week or two.

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WiFi could be an issue even after drilling all the holes, but you can always use an external USB WiFi dongle though.
Keep us updated! :wink:

I absolutely will :slight_smile:

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so, I managed to get this finished, but somewhere along the line, i totally screwed up the dimensions/ drilling guide. In the end, I just drilled and cut out big holes by hand, so everything except the pisound board holes on the top of the box came out screwy.

Drilling guide attached (pdf and ai), but it is not accurate for the side measurements. if you must use this to drill, use the enclosure top guide only.

I had to use slightly shorter standoffs as well. the large hole you see below allows the rpi3 onboard wifi signal to radiate out of the box too, which is cool.

Overall, i would say there is a nice potential for a robust utilitarian enclosure here, but it would need to be professionally cut. it’s very hard to drill these boxes accurately by hand.

image shows boxed pisound on the left and a matching custom teensy midi controller in the background.

pisound_hammond.zip (430.6 KB)