Pisound and Asus Tinker


Given the similarity in the hardware interface and that both are linux, will the pisound work with an asus Tinker?


Hey, the Asus Tinker board is using a different kind of processor - the current driver is meant for the Broadcom processors used by Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to port the driver to other platforms.The code is open source however, so in theory someone could take up porting it.


thanks for the reply Giedrius.


could you expand on this a little bit…what do you think might be involved?

so the Tinkerboard header is physically the same, and ‘compatible’, (ie. voltage/gnd, and important pin usage), but some of the GPIO pins are used different in a few ways, mainly due to extra features e.g. 2nd spi bus.

is the main effort, reviewing the GPIO pins used, and converting to those available on the Tinkerboard?
a quick browse of the pisound kernel source seems to indicate its SPI, and i guess we’d need to review the GPIO used for ‘the button’.

(changes need to be made to both pisound.c and dts file)



The important source files are:

The first one adds customizations to RPi’s base dts file (also follow the #includes mentioning bcm), so it may need significant changes for the Tinkerboard. It defines some CPU peripheral and gpio pin configurations for Pisound.

The 2nd one is the kernel module, it’s fairly generic and based on ALSA’s SOC subsystem, the stuff in ‘pisnd_dai’ may have to be reconfigured for Tinkerboard, as it is referring to some BCM names, the rest should work as is if the dts is sorted out.


thanks, yeah I was vague about dts as its something i only have ‘passing familiarity’ with.

however, my assumption is that if I take a look at an overlay for the tinkerboard, the changes will be fairly clear … i don’t think your doing anything particularly unusual in your dts?!
(configuring for SPI mainly , no?)

a quick search on google, actually came up with a thread discussing how to convert dts’s from rPI to tinkerboard, and looks pretty straightforward :slight_smile:


this includes some hints, and also a fully converted dts

hmm, perhaps i’ll get my tinkerboard updated, and see how far i can get :slight_smile:
(so many projects so little time :wink: )


Hi @thetechnobear - did you manage any amount of success with the Tinkerboard?
I’d love to use mine with my project but don’t know where to get started just yet :slight_smile: