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Hi there.
Is there access to the SD card once the case is assembled? It is hard to tell from the images and description …

Yes, there’s a cutout available, so the SD card is accessible.

That’s great! Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:

It looks like the Pi 4 benefits from cooling–at a minimum, passive cooling (see 2019 blog post by Jeff Geerling). For any such solution, the PiSound case obviously wouldn’t work because the cooling solution would take up some height. I’m wondering if you could provide some guidance on workarounds for people who want to use a cooling device? In particular, some questions would be, for any given cooling device, (1) what height GPIO header extension would be necessary, and (2) would it be possible to get extended posts to sit between the Pi and the Pisound? In an ideal world, you would make a case with some optional cooling. But barring that, it would be great if you could provide pointers on how to make off-the-shelf alternative solutions work.

Thanks for making a great product!