Pi sound audio output stopped working - resistor MIA value?

Hi Pisounders,

TLDR: Can anyone tell me

the resistor value I have missing from my pisound board in the attached picture? (circled in red)
I am guessing it is 220 Ohm but if any could check to see if it is black with a label β€œ221”.

I have a problem where I have lost audio out. Sound IN appears to work. I can capture with audacity etc and can see clipping LED turn on. I tried all the advice on the forums testing with without the modep/patchbox image but nothing work. Pisound appeared to be working normally.

I tracked the signal trace from pin 40 of header to the Din pin 14 of the PCM5102A which appeared OK having 220Ohm but while I was checking I saw empty solder pads :scream:

I was running Modep via PatchBox in Pi4+Pisound and it was amazing, like the sound and latency was incredible … and then
I decided to try it with a Pi3 as the Pi4 was kicking some serious heat(no fan) while I built a fan and modded the 3D enclosure.

Searching the board it appears I have knocked a resistor off the board, but before I solder a new one on wanted to verify the value. I did see a pic here pcb picture but it is a little fuzzy to be sure.

Any help would be appreciated so I can get back using this.

Yes, it’s a 0603 220 Ohm resistor.

Thank you so much,

Soldered a new resistor on and back in business.


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