[Patchstorage] Plugin Requests

AidaX neural modelling plugin is out of beta now. You can load neural models with it, it sounds really cool. Needs a slight update to Mod UI to support loading of the neural model json files.

If anyone could get the “rubber band” plugin available for modep that would be great. I’m guessing it’s got to with 32/64 bit incompatibility?

It’s already uploaded to patch storage but does not appear when installing plugins within the modep user interface.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@LethalB the reason it’s not in MODEP to install is this plugin was only uploaded with the rpi-aarch64 architecture. For MODEP to see the plugin we have to upload with the patchbox-os-arm32 architecture. I checked my copy of the plugin builder and I don’t see this plugin so I’m not sure how it got uploaded. I think @Pranciskus uploaded this one, perhaps he can shed some light on how we get it to compile for MODEP.

@jtemple967, it seems the rubberband.lv2 build for 64bit was provided to us by the pi-Stomp crew for testing purposes, and it’s not available in the builder.

@protectorate I have contacted the AidaDSP team. Let’s wait, and maybe they will provide the builds themselves. We will make the necessary UI changes once we hear back from them.

Expanding the builder to support more plugins is the biggest bottleneck right now. If any of you would be willing to dig deeper following this guide (Platform: LV2 Plugins · patchstorage/patchstorage-docs Wiki · GitHub) and submit some pull requests, that would be AMAZING! @Giedrius has a lot on his plate. Without additional help, we can move fast enough to address all the requests right now.

I’m busy building an arm32 version. should be up by the end of the week


@redcloud the 32bit version of my profiler has been uploaded. Enjoy!


To kick things off for you, here are some models:
ProfilesTapf.zip (1.9 MB)


I was excited to see this notification, and installed it right away. How can one do this slight update to Mod UI that you are referring to?

We will be releasing the 1.13 update soon! :wink:

EDIT: Aaaand it’s live - [Release] MODEP Updates - #48 by Pranciskus


Whoa, now that’s what I call fast action!

Annnnd… this plugin is ridiculously good. :heart_eyes:


@keyth72 do you think you’d be able to build 32bit and 64bit versions of your TS plugin for patchstorage?

Hi Everyone,

since this weekend I am part of this community and I am really happy about that. I got my Pisound up and running and just started exploring MODEP. I would really love to integrate it into my live setup, using it for audio processing and handling incoming midi, in a way like a midihub. Yet I hit the first wall. There seem to be barely any midi utilities available right now.

Is someone able and willing to add those super useful devices to the Patchstorage? GitHub - x42/midifilter.lv2: LV2 plugins to filter midi events
GitHub - x42/midimap.lv2: Rule based MIDI mapper plugin

I would love to contribute to this community, too in the future and learn to create and add plugins. Right now I am lacking the knowledge and time to learn it. I would super grateful if someone could help me out with the midi utilities for now.

Thanks in advance!!! have a good one

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Welcome to the blokas community! This is a great community of people who love to share and help!

Let me look at those plugins and see if we can get them uploaded.

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@Ingorama so the midifilter plugin is available to compile/upload but there’s something not quite right with the plugin code. Checking with the blokas team on if they can help.

The other one you asked about is not currently in our compile environment. I’ll have to work on adding that plugin although it might not have a MOD gui as I don’t see it in the repository nor is the plugin listed on the MOD devices plugin website.

@jtemple967 thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate this. Would be amazing to be able to use them any time soon. Happy to receive any updates on this

About the 2nd set, I just found that one by accident while searching the web for midi filters suitable for MODEP and this one comes from the same developer. Thought it might be useful, yet if it can’t be integrated, it won’t be a disaster :slight_smile:

Midimap is being looked at by falkTX from Mod. He reckons it should work with a few tweaks. Currently there isn’t support for the config files needed for the plugin. Patience is key here, as this needs to be added to Mod-UI and browsepy and potentially elsewhere too.

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great! Patience is key indeed :slight_smile:


Looks like most all of the Mod CV stuff has been migrated to modep, but it seems the Slew Rate Limiter wasn’t one of them - it’d be great to have for pitch-to-cv stability, such as patchboard build outs like this one.

@fastachee I just tried to upload the slew rate limiter and the license information is missing from the plugin data. I will submit a PR to have MOD add that (I already did this with the audio to CV Pitch plugin)

@jtemple967 Bueno! Thanks for doing so - appreciated!