Round-Robin midi note distribution in MODEP?

Hey Folks,
I’m new to this community and I am happy to be here. Lot’s of likeminded creative minds that love to come up with solutions. Great!

I recently requested the integration of useful midi utility plugins into MODEP see here [Patchstorage] Plugin Requests - #33 by Ingorama and I am amazed about the quick response and happy to hear that they most likely will be added soon :slight_smile: With those midi filters probably most of of the common midi filtering/redistribution projects can be easily solved.

One thing I can’t figure out right now is, how could I redistribute incoming midi note ON/OFF messages (from 1 ch) in “Round-Robin” style to several midi channels, let’s say 4, in rather a linear or random order to achieve “polyphony” with an external synth/sampler that has multiple monophonic voices, all listening to their individual incoming midi channel? Anyone an idea?

I am aware that this can be done with the midihub and has been discussed previously inside this community. Unfortunately I can’t find any solution concerning MODEP. I am sure it must be rather easy to achieve this within SuperCollider or PureData,though I wouldn’t exactly know how to do that either, mainly considering how to handle note-offs and preventing notes from hanging; Ideally I would prefer to stay inside MODEP and use the PiSound in a headless fashion within my live-setup combined with a midi controller.

Who can help?