[Patchstorage] Plugin Requests

If you don’t see a specific LV2 plugin on Patchstorage, please post a request here containing a plugin name and its website/repository. We will do our best to publish the requested plugins on Patchstorage. And if you feel adventurous - you can build and upload it yourself following this guide - Platform: LV2 Plugins · patchstorage/patchstorage-docs Wiki · GitHub

is like the stuff from the mod plugin builder? if so then:

mod cv stuff
bolliedelay xt

amp profiler for patchbox-os-arm32 Amp Profiler | Patchstorage

aida dsp neural
modular amp toolkit

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@protectorate, could you provide coresponding code repositories? I am not familiar with all the plugins you mentioned.

all the plugins i mentioned are in the mod devices plugin builder repo. some of them are quite recent though. sd-1 might be from here: GitHub - brummer10/GxPlugins.lv2: A set of extra lv2 plugins from the guitarix project.

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Some of the MOD CV stuff is already uploaded. Check here - LV2 Plugins | Patchstorage Not uploaded CV plugins do not have a license declared in the *.ttl files.

Regarding Cardinal - the path issues need to be solved before uploading it. Keep us updated about your progress with it. Also, is it already supported by the plugin builder? We maintain our modified fork of it here - GitHub - patchstorage/patchstorage-lv2-uploader: Patchstorage LV2 Uploader. We will definitely need some help creating package makefiles for unsupported plugins.

MetalTone - MetalTone | Patchstorage
samplv1 - samplv1 | Patchstorage
Bollie Delay - Bollie Delay | Patchstorage

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the path issues are not cardinal specific. the presets dont work on any plugin. i think it would be wise to wait a bit with cardinal, if i believe the next version of cardinal will support changing the ip address that remote instance connects to, so no need for the wifi hax i did. also i wasnt able to build cardinal arm64 using the mod plugin builder, but i believe theres some updates coming to that too in the near future.

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What are the steps to reproduce the issue? What’s the output of:

ls -la /var/modep/lv2-presets

Steps to reproduce: save a preset on any plugin in MODEP and reboot → preset not present in the plugins preset selector.

/var/modep/lv2-presets contains the saved user preset, so they are saved, but MODEP doesn’t scan the user presets from that folder, only from the lv2 plugin folder.

Concerning the CV stuff: shame about the licensing. I looked at the uploaded CV plugins and unfortunately the two key plugings are missing: audio to cv and audio to cv note. Those two plugins are the key to doing anything really useful with the CV plugins (atm you can control multiple parameters on multiple plugins from one controller, which is useful, but…). Also the AMS modular stuff is kinda essential if you wanna do CV stuff with modep.

@protectorate I’ve actually just submitted a PR to add a missing license in the .ttl file for the audio to CV plugin. That missing license is causing is to fail during build. Once merged hopefully it will build.

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Preset loading after reboot is fixed in latest update, do:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install modep-mod-ui
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This is a game changer!


Would be very useful for troubleshooting / verifying all the midi tools are doing what one expects.


It seems MOD Audio has it

@redcloud just took a look at their implementation of NAM as an LV2 plugin and it doesn’t seem to have a GUI built for MOD. Not sure how this would be used on a MOD device or MODEP. Perhaps @Giedrius or @Pranciskus might know if this could work for MODEP. I’m personally very excited to learn about NAM as it seems to show a lot of promise!

Maybe it’s better to wait for aidadsp which is a similar plugin but less CPU intensive. MOD says that NAM does not run even on a DUO X :grimacing:

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@protectorate Modular Amp Toolkit plugins now available in Patchstorage!