Patchstorage import window help

How do I restore the sub-windows in the in the import window that appears when I am reviewing a patch to download? I removed them (by clicking the (x) in the UI) and now am unable to restore them.


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Looks like indeed that’s missing! :slight_smile: It should have been in View menu, as in the main window.

There’s a temporary workaround possible to reset the window layout to the initial state.

If you’re using Windows, you have to completely uninstall the program, then install it again, in separate steps. (When upgrading / reinstalling using the installer, it keeps the settings. If it’s completely uninstalled, the settings are cleared out.)

On macOS you have to delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.blokas.midihub-editor.plist while the editor is closed.

On Linux you have to delete ~/.config/Blokas folder while the editor is closed.

worked like a charm… thanks!

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Just published 1.11.10 editor version with this fixed. :slight_smile: