Orac 2.0 for the Raspberry PI


Outputs are dc coupled, input ac



The Pisound’s input is AC coupled, the output is DC coupled. However, keep in mind that audio outputs usually don’t provide the entire CV voltage range, Pisound should have 0~2.5V output range, so you’d have to additionally scale it up to 0-5V or whatever range your system uses.



Hi, i am a Beginner with Orac on RP3+ from Berlin,
so i have no Ideas anymore.
Installed Patchbox, Updates, Orac Modules on the RaspberryPi with PiSound
Can hear the Drumloop and Midi Keyb.
But in the Main.PD nothing choose the modules like in Mark‘s Videos. Only the Drumloop is playing.
I dont no whats is my mistake.
I saw all the Intruction Videos from Mark
Can anybody help?



Running Orac 2.0 in console mode - how can I find/get pd’s console log output?

Answering my own question from a tip elsewhere: journalctl -u orac

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