Offsetting CC with Pressure (patch notes)

Brief Notes on a new patchstorage effect patch

designated CCs
Channel Pressure

CC value for current ‘active’ CC offset by amount relative to current pressure

graphic visualisation

Patch Type
Physical Loopback: connect MIDI cable as for Loopback Mapping Tool (which will help remapping for your CCs)…
…or set up a USB loop via a patchbay

Work in progress: written initially for one CC, then decided to show option of using more than one.
Not tested in action

Brief details:

(see also patch Description Panel)

  • each CC event sets the final CC number of the “offset” value.
    Thus the next time a key is held, it will output that CC again (if this is an issue it can be worked around)

  • As loopbacks go, this is not very complex: it is a “one-pass” “internal mapping” type.
    As it also involves frequently employed strategies like…
    …“transform&rescale” to create a useful mapping…
    …and “transform-to-note” to take advantage of note-only capabilities†…
    …it might also be useful for anyone starting out with getting Midihub to map to itself.

  • It would be possible to adapt this to give a different offset range for each designated CC
    (at the expense of one more level of complexity and maybe some playing considerations)

† others include:
  • Delay to create a cascade of CC values from one
  • Scale Remap to shuffle up to 12 values/ CC#
  • Dispatcher to trigger up to 16 different events in a cycle

All of these will be included in the Transform Tutorial when it’s further developed…


CC Mixer

It occurred to me that this patch could be adapted to be a crude static CC mixer of the form

λ.a + μ.b

(where a & b are the values of CC# A & CC# B
and λ, μ are constant ‘blend factors’.)

Incorporating variable (ie. mapped) ‘blend factors’ is a bit trickier:
I’m happy to wait for @Giedrius & @Pranciskus to build that one into the next firmware…

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