Norns on patchbox

Hey Everyone,

Pretty new to all the stuff on RPi but I’m learning quickly.
Right now, all is in the title of this topic. I’m running patchbox on my rpi 4 and I would like to be able to run Norns from the console as a module.
The ideal setup I’m trying to make ==> Running Orca-c with my op-z and using Norns also to be triggered by the midi events from Orca.
I don’t have the fates DAC, I managed to make my zoom U24 working (thanks to patchbox).
So far, running Orca-c to trigger my opz as been a success. Now it’s time to make Norns working in this environnement.
Still, I have questions like :

  • Can i control Norns without encoders ? With just a regular typing/keyboard ?
  • Is it possible to use any GPIO screen to monitor Norns ?
    And so on.

Keep up the excellent work all of you are doing.
In the meantime, I keep digging

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Did you ever get this working? I’m interested in this too!

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@MauriceLebrun Did you ever make Norns work on Patchbox OS? :eyes:
Some time ago @thetechnobear made it work on RPi3 with Pisound and Push 2 but there were not much details as how to set it up:

Unfortunately no.
But still looking forward to it since my fates board just broke up.