Monome Norns : on a rPI3 + PiSound + Push 2


(also some details on Orac coming to the PI soon)

Norns was released a couple of weeks ago by Monome, but bit pricey for me ($800) , so I decided to implement it with what Ive got (Norns is open source)…
so that meant a rPI3 + PiSound and a Push 2.

runs completely headless/standalone , as is pushing the rPI3/PiSound to its limits… took a while set it up so that there were no audio glitches :wink:

Norns is a really great platform, based on Supercollider for the sound engines, and LUA to implement the ‘UI’.
The push 2 is a fantastic controller (underrated imho for hacking projects!) , a great display, lots of encoders, playing surface - pretty much perfect for this.

Ive implemented 2 primary modes:
Cuckoo mode - where it emulates the Norns hardware (screen/encoders/keys) , plus also a monome grid, and a midi controller.
Native mode - where from LUA you can access all Push 2 features, e.g. colour display/pads/buttons, to create a completely customised script that fits perfectly to the Push 2.

Over the last few days, Ive had an opportunity to play with it quite a bit, and Im really pleased with how its turned out… its low latency, sounds great, and has lots of potential for the future.