Node-Red and MODEP

I’ve been playing with node-red for a while and created this dashboard that can be used with MODEP. This dashboard provides the following:

  • Shows current pedalboard (with image)
  • Button to display available snapshots
  • Ability to select a snapshot
  • Ability to list all pedalboards, regardless if they are in a bank or not
  • Ability to select and load a pedalboard
  • Ability to show system information which includes CPU Temp, Model and Manufacturer of the device, the network interface being used by the device and the IP addresses associated with each network interface. Just noticed that the model and manufacturer doesn’t show on my RPi5.

To install:

  • Ensure node-red is installed. I can’t remember if it’s installed by default on the Blokas Bookworm image or not. To install: apt-get install nodered
  • Open a command prompt on the PI and start node-red.
  • Open a browser to the node-red editor: i.e. patchbox.local:1880. Note that the default is to not secure node-red by user/password. Once you set this up I highly recommend securing your node-red install. Securing Node-RED : Node-RED
  • Import the attached node-red dashboard Json file. Hint: in node-red click the 3 horizontal bars and select “Import”. You will get notification about missing components. Install the packages listed below.

Install these packages:

  • @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard
  • @ralphwetzel/node-red-systeminformation
  • node-red-node-base64
  • node-red-node-ui-table

Once you have the packages installed you should click the red “Deploy” button and do a full deploy. Then point your browser to http://patchbox.local:1880/dashboard (10.6 KB)


This is fantastic!
Ive used NodeRed in my smart home setup, i didnt even know it was included included in the setup.
This offers great promise for creating a great GUI for a touchscreen in a custom build box.
Its been a while since ive played with my pisound (been distracted building a portable studio ha ha) but ill be trying this soon.

Sounds great! Could you post a screenshot of how the dashboard looks like? :slight_smile:

@Giedrius great suggestion! Here they are:

First up is the Current Pedalboard. Note the “Snapshots” button at the bottom. The pedalboard image doesn’t scale well yet (not all of the pedalboard is displayed). I need to look into this.

Clicking the 3 horizontal bars gives you the popout menu:

Here’s the Snapshots menu which can also be accessed by clicking the “Snapshots” button the current pedalboard page. Clicking on a snapshot will load that snapshot for the current pedalboard:

Next up is the pedalboard list. Note that I chose to show all of them since I typically don’t use the bank feature in my setup. Clicking on an item in the list will load that pedalboard.

And lastly the system information. My Pi5 with active cooler is running at a comfortable 43 degrees.

There you have it!

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