New to Midihub: Step-by-Step.01: 9 sockets and more!

As well as the sockets, notice these:

plug in Midihub to your PC.
(we will connect to Midihub Editor later)

are the lights on?
No? then switch it on.

Your Midihub might be brand-new from the box, or maybe not:

Now… click the button a couple of times

See… how LED 1 flashes then moves on the the next LED…
if you clicked quickly enough!

When you stop clicking, Midihub flashes a few times and stops on that LED…

…You’ve just selected one of Midihub’s 8 presets!

:high_brightness: try cycling through and selecting Presets a few times…

…then check here…

…the “select Preset” cycle is always the same:

:pushpin: This is how you select a Preset when Midihub is not connected to Midihub Editor

Before we connect Midihub to Midihub Editor, try…

switching off Midihub, then…

switching back on

SEE how Midihub returns to the Preset it originally started with.

This is the “Last Stored Preset”

Now Let’s connect Midihub to Midihub Editor!

See how the “Current Preset” is shown in the window bar:


Let’s Load Preset 2:


(Midihub Editor might ask “Do you want to save the pipeline?”. Click Discard)

See how LED 2 is now on:

:pushpin: You can even change the active preset

using a controller...

(…or even your DAW)
if it can send Program Change (PC) messages!

With Midihub connected in Midihub editor…
…choose the DeviceSettings menu:

You’ll see the Program Change Port for Preset Change is Disabled

Set it to the port you want to send PC message into…
…and the MIDI channel to listen on.

Now try it:

  • Program Change = 0 → Preset 1
  • Program Change = 1 → Preset 2

if you send Program Change = 8 or more, Midihub will ignore you…

:game_die: What will happen when you Disconnect and “restart” Midihub?

Let's play with that:

Try this a few times…

…click Disconnect:


switch off Midihub

switch on Midihub

SEE which Preset Midihub starts up with

(but not always!)
…use the Button to change the active Preset

Then reconnect to Midihub Editor…

SEE what Editor has as the Current Preset

…then Load another Preset in the Editor

and maybe…
(but not always!)

Store the Preset back in the same slot
(the Store button is next to the Load button)

…and repeat!

You’ll soon see what rules Midihub is following.

Now you know…

  • how to change the Current Preset in the Editor
  • how to change the active Preset with the button when Midihub is stand-alone
  • which LED shows which preset (think live performances!)
  • how to turn Midihub on


:pushpin: Watch Out! Very easy to click that button when you’re holding Midihub to push a cable in!

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