MODEP/PiSound App Bug

So I’m not entirely sure where to post this. I’ve found a bug in MODEP. The question is: is the bug something that Blokas addresses or should I submit this to MOD Devices? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Here’s the steps to reproduce this bug:

  1. Create a simple pedal board with one pedal. In my example since I’ve building a pedal board for bass I created a pedal board named “Bass1” that had the Guitarix Alembic Mono preamp as the only pedal.
  2. Create another simple pedal board with one pedal. I created “Bass2” with the “Guitarix Stereo Studio Preamp”
  3. While viewing “Bass2”, switch to "Bass1’ using the PiSound app. The pedal board changes but “Bass2” is still shown at the top of the web page.
  4. Using the web interface, make a change to “Bass1” and click “Save”. Note that at this point the pedal board title should say “Bass2” but you effective changed “Bass1”.
  5. In the PiSound app refresh the pedal board list. You should now see an entry that combines the names of both pedal boards (screenshot attached).
  6. On the Raspberry Pi browse to /var/modep/pedalboards/Bass1.pedalboard directory. In addition to the Bass1.ttl file you’ll also find Bass2.ttl as well. The manifest.ttl file now points to Bass2.ttl instead of Bass1.ttl (screenshot attached of the directory)
  7. Now go back to the web interface of MODEP and switch between Bass1 and Bass2 pedal board. No matter which one you pick “Bass2” is now always displayed as the name.
  8. If you have the PiSound interface on your RPi make sure both of these pedal boards are in “The Button” bank. Then try switching between them using the button. You get the loading page like it’s loading the other pedalboard but it just keeps reloading the same one.

This bug cause me a bit of grief when I was building my pedalboards and using the PiSound app.

Hey, we’ve noticed the title bug as well, when the preset is changed outside of the mod-ui, through its web-API call. Currently MODEP is based on MOD 1.8 version, there’s some later versions available, maybe it’s already fixed… But we haven’t yet had enough time to update MODEP, but you may check this out: Update to Mod 1.10 - #14 by deathbeard

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I wrote about this a while back. I had an idea to install and test the latest version of the Web UI, (just the UI not the whole mod 1.10 update) mod-ui GitHub - moddevices/mod-ui: Web-based interface for the MOD (which I haven’t done out of laziness) Also with this bug I make sure I “save as” with the correct patch name.

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I wouldn’t suggest updating just mod-ui without updating mod-host too. There are far too many changes in 1.10 to ignore one or the other

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I will likely just make sure I don’t use the pisound App or the one I developed while also making changes to the pedal boards.