MOD Devices Building More LV2 Plugins? (MOD Dwarf)

Are we getting more LV2 plugins through the MOD Devices pipeline?

The company launched a crowdfunding campaign for MOD Dwarf, which sounds like it might have more plugins than previously… and a more direct way to create new effects. Maybe I’m misunderstanding. The processor is between the MOD Duo and the MOD Duo X. It has some advantages over the MOD Duo, including USB I/O (audio+MIDI). They make it sound like the USB connection also makes it easy to install plugins and control patches.

So, I’m not sure if it means anything for MODEP. After all, if they’re releasing more LV2 plugins, those probably work in MOD Duo X and probably MOD Duo, already. Maybe some of them don’t work on the Pi (I’ve had issues compiling some of them, two years ago, because some hardware support was missing).

At any rate, it’s still an interesting campaign for those of us who use MODEP for MOD-like fun…

MODEP pretty much includes all the open source plugins that have modguis that are out there. They have a web store for plugins as well where they probably offer some closed source plugins, but MODEP can’t access it, as it does not have any valid API key.

If you know of more open source plugins with GUIs that are missing from MODEP, then let us know. :slight_smile:

I have a modduo and modep on a rpi4 and copied lv2 files from the modduo to my modep work fine.

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That’s really good to know! Don’t think it was the case with the Pi3. Haven’t used my Pisound with Pi4, yet.