MOD Devices Building More LV2 Plugins? (MOD Dwarf)

Ok , Ive got it working on a really strange way .
then running the server after installing it ./
I can add many of my lv2 listed plugins and some come with the right interface for mod , some not , but can build it with them and adjust the UI as needed , after I can just send it to the localhost and its installed correctly and can add it .

The only strange thing left is that I cant connect patchcables to the mod-ui outputs, but since the fx show up in qjackctl I attach them to output from there . It works !


Its a bit tedious but encouraging to learn how to dive into all the layers of this thing . For now I can say that the web UI feels improved , and the audio is as good as usual using PiSound


jack-load modmonitor
That will get you connecting

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Awesome , the last version of mod-ui did the trick ! Thank you so much for the script . Im now just forced to build every needed plugin by hand with the mod-sdk and also there having some issues uploading to the board directly but getting it done manually

This would only be so if you are using aarch64 and not patchbox. If you’re using patchbox, then you can do a Modep setup and copy the lv2 folder to your local machine. These will all work on Mod 1.10 and that is what I have done. I even went and grabbed the mod lv2 data folder for mod devices GitHub to get the nice uis for most of the pedals

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Right , Im using Raspberry OS 64 . Testing jackd2 and a more powerful setup than I’ve tried before .