Midihub Progress Update #7

As you’re probably aware of, businesses across the world have been sidelined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are impacted by it too, but our partners here in Lithuania are doing their best to adapt to the current situation and, although slower, we are moving forward.


Today we have received all of the bottom pieces of the enclosure and 628 top pieces with the silkscreen already applied. Tolerances are on par with our requirements, the powder-coating sand finish feels great, the silkscreen is clear and has passed our stress-tests, threads of self-clinch standoffs aren’t painted over and even though we haven’t checked all of the parts individually yet we are really happy how the enclosures turned out. The remaining pieces should reach us at the beginning of next week.


We will start the final assembly in coming days. Usually we throw a pizza party with our friends to help us out with assembly and packaging tasks. Needless to say the only place you should be eating pizza right now is at home on your couch meaning that the final assembly stage will take us a bit longer as we have to balance it out with our everyday business tasks.

Packaging & Shipping

Our packaging manufacturer had halted most of their activities for a couple of weeks to adjust to the nationwide quarantine. Starting last week they are back in business and they predict that our order will be ready in coming weeks. This is the last step before we will be able to start shipping out Midihubs. Talking about shipping, as far as we know, besides some possible delays there is no impact to the worldwide postal system, but let us know if you know about any specific issues in your country, in case we have to protect your packages by shipping them later on.


We are near the finish line, currently waiting for Midihub’s packaging to be manufactured and once it is, hopefully in coming weeks, we will start shipping out your pre-orders!

Stay safe, stay home and make some music!


No rush, y’all!
I’m just excited to be getting such an awesome piece of gear. :grinning: Take your time.

Thanks, and stay safe as well.


Of course, the message all of us really want to hear is that the devices are shipping (a watched pot never boils), but in the meanwhile these progress updates mean a lot.

Thanks :slight_smile:


What would be the timeline on individuals not part of the pre-order/kickstarter to get one of these magical devices? Or will that even be possible in the near future? Thanks!

I think we all deserve a midiboy by now :wink:

Jokes aside, I hope everything is going according to plan and we have some good news real soon .

Wishing you all stay careful and healthy :kissing_heart:

We’ll start accepting new orders once we are done with the pre-orders queue, you may subscribe to our mailing list at the top of https://blokas.io/midihub to be notified. :slight_smile: