Midi note off command

Hi guys,

anyone have a solution for this…

so i have some sequencers outputting midi to my external devices, but when i disable the midi routing its cuts through an active note and therefore does not close the note due to midi note off not being received. If only there was a simple macro to send/nudge a midi note off message… any suggestions?

This would be useful of other parameters too of course. Creating presets and sending snapshots of cc values would be great too.


How are you disabling the MIDI routing? Midihub does try to turn off all active notes that passed through, but maybe some scenario is not handled properly.

I was having a similar issue with some chains involving Harmonizer -> Arp -> Quantizer

I have found that adding a Sustain set to “Sustain On” and “Bypass” keeps notes from getting stuck. A strange workaround, but tends to do the trick!

Btw, you can make The Button on Midihub to send all notes off or similar commands, after the button is held down for about a second. You can configure it in Device->Settings.

We’d like to look into that. :slight_smile: Could you send us your preset that’s causing issues to hello@blokas.io? It’d be great if you could also attach a MIDI clip of the data that’s being sent through the pipes when issues occur too. This would greatly help us, as the MIDI data we come up with might not necessarily expose the processing issue.

Hi gierdrius !
I try the all notes off buttons, but it never worked in anycase… no effect at all. what can it be ?

Hey Gerard!

Do your settings look like this?:
Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 20.21.07
ie. all ports checked

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Hey, Yes everything is ticked like in your example.
@Giedrius , any idea ?
I’m using a Shruthi XT and a Volca FM, notes are often stucked at end of some sequences and when I accidentally change midi channel output when playing live. I often have to turn off and on the synths regularly. It’s really annoying.
Even If I didn’t bought the Midihub for that, It would be a huge improvement to have this functionnality working

Sure @Giedrius will get back to you tomorrow…

In meantime…

…this is what should happen when you hold-down The Button

(with the above Settings)

  • after maybe 1/4 -1/2 sec, all 4 DIN-OUT LEDs flash (plus the USB LED)

  • but if you are Monitoring an Out, you won’t see anything

  • however, this is what you should see if you connect an OUT back to an IN and Monitor the IN (or if you connect to a 2nd hub or a DAW):
    Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 18.32.16

If this isn’t the case, G can guide you forward with a firmware flash or whatever


btw, I didn’t know about The Button for ages (let alone configuring it) and set myself up a Panic pipeline to do the same thing…

What do you mean by change the MIDI channel output, do you mean changing parameters in Midihub pipes, or on the hardware devices themselves, in their own settings?

What @resonotter listed is true - the Button pushes all the note off and other messages onto the physical output queue directly, without going through the processing pipelines, so the MIDI monitor would not show anything, even though the messages get sent. The LEDs should indicate the output activity, and you should see it on external devices.

@L_DA, do you see the activity LEDs blink when triggering the button hold action?

Hi. I am having the same problem. Stuck notes. How did you set up an all notes off footpedal? I need this, to happen at pedal down, not wait to have a second like the button.
Thanks, Peter

Hey, Peter, welcome to Midihub forums.

On All Notes Off:

set myself up a Panic pipeline

I’d have to dig it out to be sure but I’m almost certain I would have used
{some Controller button} → {note/CC} → Transform to CC123 (on channel of stuck synth) → synth port
(CC123 is MIDI “all notes off”")

I’m hesitant to suggest my ‘off the cuff’ solution would be generally useful, because

  • I used it, if I recall, with a synth that was getting stuck notes in a particular scenario and I knew it was definitely the synth’s fault.
    Are your stuck notes happening with a particular preset or does it also happen with a simple controller → synth connection?

  • since then, I’ve learned that certain pipes put out an All Notes Off when Bypassed
    (mentioned here recently)
    I’d probably look into that route now

  • I’m not sure CC123 works on all synths (some even use Note_on, velocity = 0 as Note_off so who knows?)

PS. If you think it is a Midihub preset issue, go ahead & upload the patch and someone here will take a look

thank you very much for your response.
True, some sense respond to 123 and some do not.

According to the events window, I am sending it, and it is having no effect. So I assume that this doesn’t work. I will have to talk to the sound generator manufacturer.

on a separate subject; as a newbie to Midihub I am going through the tutorials. Tutorial number 4 references a merger patch to work with and learn from. But there is no patch that I can find.

So my question is, where are tutorial patches kept? Or is there a place that is a receptacle for peoples demonstration patches?

Thank you!

replied here

Also, check the channel CC123 is being sent on