Mdihub + Elektron Devices + Ableton Sync


I am currently using my Octatrack as Master (IN A) and its sending clock and midi data to my other synths Out A,B,C,D (Elektron A4 MK2; Elektron Rytm MK2 + Slim Phatty + MAM MB33). Everything is in sync and I can record into Ableton. The only thing is that Ableton is not synced and the timescale is running free, without any start and stop points. Obviously this is not the optimal way to record and dub multiple synths. Is there a way to sync Ableton, maybe as Slave to the Octatracks master signal? Thank you!

Hi, yes, that’s possible - just make sure to enable ‘sync’ for one of the Midihub’s USB Input ports in the preferences:

And enable external sync at the top left:


Then send the Clock and Start/Stop/Continue messages TO USB A (or whichever port you’ve selected). Once Ableton receives the Start message, it will follow the external clock.

Thank you for your help so far. For some reason Ableton won’t start when I press play on my Octatrack. It seems its not that easy this time.

Here is a picture of my current config:

You also helped my with setting this up some time ago:

Any ideas on how to start Ableton while syncing everything?

Thank you!

You should send Start, Continue, Stop, Clock TO USB A. Use only one input port on Ableton side for “sync”, otherwise, you risk getting 2x or more clock speed, and can cause some weird behavior.

The messages sent TO USB X are seen by the computer as coming in from the respective MIDI Input port. MIDI messages sent on the computer to the Midihub Output ports appear “FROM USB X” on Midihub.

Thank you “TO USB” has done the trick, I was so obvious but I did not think about that.

Have a great weekend!

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