Major Pisound App Update: Real-Time Controls & MIDI Mapping! Wowza!

Today we are releasing a major Pisound mobile app update that introduces a complete new layer of real-time controls. From now on you can tweak the parameters of Pure Data patches within the app, play with the integrated MIDI keyboard and map your external MIDI controllers on the fly!

Big thumbs up goes to @thetechnobear, for his amazing MEC software package, @Patrick_Pagano, who has prepared additional set of great Pure Data patches, and to @mantasb our Android guru!

With the updated app you can:


Navigate between separate parameters’ pages. Change multiple parameters at the same time. Different types of control elements are supported!


Play with the integrated MIDI keyboard. Toggle between different octaves. Enjoy fancy chords with multi-touch support. When playing with an external MIDI keyboard, active notes will light up.


Enter MIDI mode to map your external MIDI controller. Select the parameter you want to map and turn a knob on your controller. You will see the parameter’s position and the value changing. MIDI mapping is saved between sessions!

Steps you need to take to install this update:

  1. Update Pisound software by typing sudo pisound-config and choosing Update Pisound option in a Raspberry Pi’s terminal window
  2. Install the updated Pisound for Android app (1.03) via Google Play or download it directly here
  3. Visit Pisound platform page on Patchstorage to download some additional patches
  4. Enjoy!

Note: We will be publishing a complete guide on how to port your existing Pure Data patches for the updated app on this forum in coming days. Stay tuned!


You guys are awesome!!!


Btw, pro tip - you can connect with more than one device to the same Pisound :wink: So you can have each device on a different page, or keyboard, etc…

Just gate it a try (couldn’t wait!) and it’s really cool! mapping MIDI controllers is now really easy, and actually I can see this being a thing where you just map the most important things and keep the rest accessible on the app.

I have one little question and a little bug report.

question: does the rpi send out the current MIDI CCs to the attached devices when a patch is loaded?
bug: once a patch is running, you have to tap on “collection” before being able to tap on “active” or it won’t react to the tap.

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No, it does not, however, we could add that in next version. Which MIDI controller are you using? I guess this is to enable it to display the current values as in the patch?

Thank you, noted.

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We have just pushed a minor update to Pisound App that fixes some small navigation issues, to know if you have the updated version, go to ‘info’ before connecting or ‘about’ screens once connected, it should say ‘Version: 1.03-2’.

Hello, i’ve just got hold of a rpi3, so i can now use the pisound app. I am fairly new to things so my questions may be obvious…

if i start a pd patch using the button - will the pisound app be able to send to that pd patch?

can i put in a text object to a pisound app thing - so that i can send information from the patch to the app?

thanks in advance - and i am loving the pisound experience x

Hi, the patch has to be started from the app. You can use [print] object to output to the console tab in the app.

thanks, i’ll check that out