Looper LV2 Plugin for MODEP/Raspbian?

As a sax and wind controller player, going through my first foray into “pedals” thanks to MODEP. Wow, is it fun!

Something which may be obvious is that a looper pedal could be particularly neat. How hard would it be to port one to Raspbian (ARMv6) from another Linux distro/architecture?

Sounds like this looper LV2 is meant specifically for the MOD Duo. Didn’t try it with the pisound MODEP, yet, but it could be very useful.

Eventually, would love having things like a sampler or, even better, a recording plugin. Maybe that’s quite involved, especially in terms of handling user files. But that could really make MODEP even more useful than it is. Don’t think the performance would be a huge issue.

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Hi, you may try building it on your Raspberry Pi and see. :slight_smile:

From a quick peek at the source, I didn’t spot anything meant specifically for MOD Duo hardware itself, I guess what’s meant by it being specifically for Mod DUO is that it has the UI for it.

Noticed that (along with SooperLooper) it’s part of the MOD Plugin Builder package which sounds fairly agnostic. Tried building that on my Pi but ran out of SD card space. Will try with a bigger card and also try building one of these loopers on its own.

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Ha! MOD’s own SooperLooper LV2 plugin does work well with MODEP! Not sure if it’s thanks to my installing the full version (which requires quite a bit of fiddling with dependencies) but the result is most excellent!
Gives me an idea for using a DDR dancemat to toggle the looper buttons. Maybe in ChucK. (Did get it to work, before.)

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Ha again!
Turns out, SooperLooper builds and installs without a hitch using this method on a clean install:

git clone https://github.com/moddevices/sooperlooper-lv2-plugin.git
cd sooperlooper-lv2-plugin/sooperlooper/
sudo make install
cp -r /usr/local/lib/lv2/sooperlooper.lv2/ /usr/local/modep/.lv2/

Loopor also works easily. It has a few extra features (present in the standalone SL, it sounds like), including threshold detection and dub mode. But it doesn’t have a GUI and doesn’t even give access to its buttons from the pedalboard. (Would probably still work through MIDI).

Was also able to install a whole lot more plugins from the MOD Plugin Builder repo, using the Docker Toolbox. Reported in another thread.


Hello I am late to this, but make does not work now for me for some reason. It throws lv2.h not found. Granted I am a noob, but how do you go about this. I also tried this in the docker image, but with the make method same problem arises. :frowning: I am looking for a stereo looper.

I think Blokas made it part of the base install, in the meantime. At least, it’s listed here:

There’s also Gxlivelooper.

Something to note is that neither of these is itself stereo. You will have to use two instances.

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Thank you for the reply!

By stereo I meant something like this. There is a stereo version of sooperlooper but its not included in the base install. :frowning:

I just don’t know how to build it. :frowning:
make results in the lv2.h error.

i think this means you need to install lv2-dev package on the os

sudo apt-get install lv2-dev

this should include the headers for lv2 files, or did you already try this?