Looper & beatbuddy controller



I am trying to build a Beatbuddy (drum machine) and looper pedal with my pisound.

The goal is to be able to control the drum machine and the (software) looper with my pisound and to synch all the elements perfect. For example, if in the drum machine i have a song with 2 parts, each part could use a different looper channel (chorus and verse).

I have started controlling the drum machine via MIDI.



Singular sound is going to release its own looper soon.



I know… but… what will be the price? The midi maestro costs 249$. A infinity looper costs 545$… probably singular sound looper will had a similar costs…



Well… I have been working in my Project.

At this time I have a beta with a looper and beatbuddy controller.

The software has an internal songbook, so the rasp knows what song is playing, how many parts it has, what is the tempo (bpm) for each part…

All works more or less synched, with different loops and tempos.

In the youtube link has more information about the video.