Suitable as guitar effect pedal?

Hi, I’m about to buy this magic artefact, but I have some questions:

  • what about latency?
  • is the sound good after processing? Can I use with a conventional guitar tube amp?
  • which software are you using, guys?
  • can I attach a standard 3,5 touchscreen? (driver: ILI9486)
    Thanks a lot for your answers, I really appreciate it!

Hey! The latency that you can get largely depends on your buffer settings and the complexity of audio processing you’re doing. For example, by default, the MODEP image is configured with 128 frames, 2 periods. At 48kHz sampling rate, that would translate to ~5.3ms. To get lower latencies, you can reduce the frame count (less than 2 periods is not recommended), or increase the sampling rate to 96kHz or 192kHz. In general, the formula is (frames x periods) / sampling rate in Hz.

Yes, the Pisound’s output is ‘line level’, so you may hook it up to other devices.

We recommend using MODEP with guitars or if you otherwise want to have an effect unit :slight_smile:

If the screen attaches via the GPIO pins, then likely not. The pins on Pisound are not long enough to stack something on top.

You may use HDMI screens, or ones that connect to FPC connector on Rasperry Pi.

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Thank You very much for your answer and explanations. I have to study those features. Certain concepts are still obscure for me :wink:

I use mine with a full very complex midi touchosc controlled physical pedalboard and multiple amps. I find its super clean sounding so I like to throw it somewhere I can put a tube after it for my tastes. I can adjust the volumes and gain and match it to use as a pedal(s) inside of a loop of my ES-8 and I love it, Stereo splitter cables and I can do 2 fully ES-8 moveable fx loops even :slight_smile: True the more you add the slower but just don’t go crazy and your good.
I also use mine with my 12 Step keyboard via usb and triggering synths while also using touch osc. Just install aconnectgui to tweak up your connections at most for full touch osc.
with the 12 step, its like an organelle but 1200 times better and not retro retarded looking to boot :slight_smile: more like a Moog Taurus with the right setups. I like I can do different setups, field record, provide midi clock to the band.
You don’t need a screen if you setup touchosc and have a good CC implementation on the gear or software – just an idea for going headless, via tablet is 100x nicer trust me. Just program that button man and get fancy with TouchOSC, you will be surprised!!
look in the CC overload thread for the kernel fix and you will be super pleased and impressed.
Go for it


What do you use to “field record” in your setup? Does this happen on the Pi itself?

The RPI itself if I want or I just pipe the output to a board just like I would anything else for sounds coming from it…really depends on what setup I am running as to what is doable.
Thats why I like RPi’s and PiSound to be honest, it can be whatever you want, for the most part, if you are willing put in the work and research and code if needed. You just can’t expect it to replace a DAW and have to be realistic considering what your working with, but I am happy with it and I am a developer in my day job, its like playing xbox is for others to me :slight_smile:

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Thanks, what software do you specifically use on the Pi itself or have you used successfully in the past?

You can capture the Jack audio backend output using a command like jack_capture, there’s been a couple of threads here with example usage of the command.