I think I corrupted the bootloader. Can I restore it?

I’m having problems with my Midiboy :-(.

I hadn’t switched on my Midiboy for a couple of months. And when I did, a couple of days ago, my self-written software appeared to be having some problems. So, I reinstalled it. And then, all that I got was a black screen.
Today I did some tests. I can still start the Midiboy in programming mode (B + on), but I don’t see the Blokas logo anymore. Anyway, I could install Midimon on it, and that showed the correct screen when run. I also tried Flappy Ball. Installation went fine. When run, it played the music, but the screen was completely garbled.

Did I corrupt the boot loader by writing to the wrong address (or is the bootloader write protected in some way)? Can I restore the boot loader?
Or is it a hardware (screen?) problem?

Hey, see here for steps how to reflash the bootloader: USB Device Not Recognised - #9 by Giedrius - an external programming device is necessary, such as an Arduino UNO.

The bootloader hex is available here: Blokas-Boards/avr/bootloaders/Midiboy-Bootloader at master · BlokasLabs/Blokas-Boards · GitHub

However, from what you describe, it’s probably not an issue with the bootloader, but rather the screen. Check if it has good contacts and that the ATmega328P IC is installed well.

Hi Giedrius,

I checked some of the contacts, but couldn’t make it work. I’ll probably resolder the screen and see if that helps. If not I’ll see if I can get the boatloader flashed.
In any case, I have a second Midiboy that I still have to build, so that might help me out in finding the problem.

Thanks for the help.

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If you have another kit, you could try putting in the ATmega328P just to see if it’s indeed not a software issue. :slight_smile:

Tried replacing the ATmega328P and that didn’t work. Tried some other things and that didn’t work.
In the end, I resoldered the screen contacts, and now it works again!!!
Thanks for the help.

Next I started soldering my second Midiboy and screwed up completely. It didn’t work due to bad contacts on the screen. So, I tried to desolder the screen, but that was much to advanced for me and I ended up damaging the PCB. :frowning:
So, after some thought I decided to order one more. But I just have noticed that they are out of stock. Will you be producing new ones?

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Yes, the parts have been ordered and we’re waiting for the delivery. :slight_smile: You may subscribe to be notified once available by entering your e-mail at Products – Blokas Store