Help with guidance on live DSP device

Hi there!

Long story short, I’d like to build a device that listens to environment audio, processes it through an effect chain (using MODEP options), and then plays it back to the user in near-real time with the effects. So to be able to hear your environment with reverb, filtering, envelope, etc.

At first I was trying to do this using pure data (for the sound system) + raspberry Pi + arduino (for parameter controls), but it seems like using the Pisound + MODEP might be a heck of a lot easier.

My question is in the implementation:
How would I create / combine the sound process itself?

I assume I’d create my desired effect chain within MODEP, but how do i combine THAT with the Raspberry Pi and/or Pure data to handle more commands and functionality?

I’m still a noob with this type of stuff but I will vigorously learn, and i thank you for your time in advance!!

This has just been discussed on how to get MODEP I/O connected to a DAW, the same method of making Jack connections would apply to other software capable of working with Jack like Pure Data too:

Yes, the script should connect modep FX outputs to any jack aware software.
For puredata, the pattern to change in the script is “pure_data” inputs pattern is “input” and you can map modep outputs to input 2&3.
Note that as we’re connecting the last FX to an input, you’ll have to re launch the script everytime you change the pedalboard.

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